Online Casinos Reviews for New Zealand Players

We provide detailed reviews of many online casinos for New Zealand players.  These excellent casinos all have much in common, from online pokies and many other games, to secure banking, and top promotions and bonuses. But the most important element that they all share is a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We find you which online casino has the best value and other details so you can decide which one is best for you.

Best NZ Online Casino Sites

A fully licensed New Zealand online casino is basically a gambling portal which welcomes New Zealand players. It will accept both New Zealand dollars and plenty of reliable online casino banking methods which New Zealanders are familiar with. Some of the very best kiwi online casinos are powered by Microgaming and Playtech software.
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All of the online casinos in NZ on our list have 24/7 customer service.  Kiwis needn’t pay for a telephone call to a casino; there is a toll-free number just for players from New Zealand!  You can also contact each online casino via email if the matter is less urgent.  Finally, most online casinos for New Zealand have live chat wherein you can speak to a representative immediately.

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Casino Banking Must Be Safe, Secure, and Kiwi-friendly

Another major aspect of customer service and satisfaction is absolutely safe online banking at your online casino.  Online gambling in New Zealand is mostly fun and a great deal of the fun is having a bet riding on the outcome of a game.  This requires money transfers.  In order to gamble at a casino in New Zealand, you have to tell the casino some basic, yet personal information.  The casinos we review for you all have completely secure encryption systems for their financial database.

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A Multitude of Online Casino Banking Options

The last element regarding customer service on the business side is banking methods.  The online casinos on this page all have many banking methods.  This was not always the case in online gambling in NZ and elsewhere.  At one time, online gamblers had few choices for banking methods.  Today’s best online casinos have twenty or more banking methods for your convenience and comfort.

Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Having discussed the business side of online gambling, let’s go to the entrée, as it were.  Online casino gamers love having many games to choose from.  In that sense, we all love to be pampered.  The best way for an online casino to pamper its players is through promotions and bonuses.

Online casino gamers love to take full advantage of promotions and bonuses.  The best casinos have monthly promotions with top prizes.  Every online casino also offers daily and weekly promotions.  Sometimes these short-term promotions just pop up on the screen.  Sometimes, players get notified through their online mailbox.

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Daily promotions run the gamut.  You may qualify for a special bonus on your birthday; you may be able to earn a percentage bonus of a Sunday or a Friday.  These bonuses make a world of sense: The weekend is usually a time when gamers are away from their computers so casinos offer high-percentage bonuses on these days.  You usually celebrate your birthday with family and friends.  The casino will likely offer you the chance to deposit and receive a bonus specifically on your birthday without requiring you to make any wagers on your special day. So you can spend a couple of quick minutes depositing and receiving your birthday bonus before returning to your birthday celebration.

Loyalty Club

Every top online casino has a Loyalty Club.  The idea behind Loyalty Clubs is that gamers like the idea that their wagers count toward cash awards without the gamers having to do anything beyond betting to earn them.  That means that players need only make bets and the Loyalty Points add up.  Every Loyalty Club has a ladder of sorts.  As your total of Loyalty Points keeps rising, you also keep rising within the Loyalty Club.  Every level in these Clubs has bonuses and other benefits unique to that particular casino.

Some casinos have a “penthouse” level called the VIP Level.  The benefits at this level are truly astounding, ranging from simple, large bonuses to invitations and tickets to shows, invitations to special trips, and many more prizes and presents the casino can offer its VIP players.

One thing you must always keep in mind regarding Loyalty Clubs is that you need only bet to earn Loyalty Points.  Casinos count up your points based solely on wagers, win or lose.  So, if you’re real lucky, you can win a big payout and use the money to get to the VIP level in your casino’s Loyalty Club!

Bonuses for New Players

Every online casino has special bonuses for new players.  These bonuses usually are matching bonuses for deposits up to a given amount; some offer free spins at chosen pokies; some offer a combination of both!  In short, each casino has its own Welcome Bonuses for new players which they promote prominently on their homepage.

Some casinos sweeten the pot with a casino bonus with no deposit necessary.  These no deposit casino bonuses help new players make their way around the casino.  Remember, the online casinos for NZ that we recommend are very large gaming emporiums.  They have many hundreds of games.  The ones that offer a no deposit casino bonus want players to have the excitement of having money on the game without needing to reach into their own pockets.

Kiwis love pokies; of that we’re certain!  So, if the casino can offer free spins with no deposit needed, they are building a happy clientele from the outset!  It is also important to know that you can always get free spins with no deposit without using the casino’s no deposit bonus.  Think about it: the casino has hundreds of pokies.  How can you learn the ins and outs of a pokies game you’ve possibly never seen before?  Of course, you can fly by the seat of your pants and make a bet and see what happens.  But the best casinos let you play in Free Mode or Practice Mode whenever you feel the need.  To play in Free Mode, you simply click on the appropriate icon and you’re there; getting free spins with no deposit!

There is so much to tell you; sometimes we digress!  Every month, our top online casinos in New Zealand add many new pokies to their already massive list of great pokies.  So, every month you will be invited to play a slots game that you’ve never seen before!  Get your free slots with free spins in Practice Mode, learn the new games, and have many enjoyable gaming sessions playing them!

If it Looks Like a Slots Game

Every online casino in New Zealand we review has hundreds of games.  For New Zealand online pokies are the top attraction, so the casinos on our list have many hundreds of pokies!  If you’ve never played a modern slots game, you might not know how the world of pokies has changed in their relatively short history.  Suffice it to say; today’s pokies are a far cry from the pokies of just a single generation ago!

Today, most New Zealand online pokies have a story to tell.  Of course, if you love fruit pokies and other retro styles of online pokies, you can play them.  Most pokies fans love the storylines that make up such a large part of the attraction of these games!  Pokies themes cover the widest possible spectrum; their diverse stories are dependent only on the imagination of the game developers.

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Qualities and Characteristics of Modern Pokies

The symbols are an integral part of the story the pokies is telling.  Because of this, the visual side of modern online pokies is much more realistic than it was a mere decade ago.  Online pokies have truly undergone a dramatic transformation, from what most players might consider ho-hum visuals to sharply drawn caricatures of real-life people, places, animals, and objects.  Online pokies in NZ today are as much “vicarious entertainment” as they are “New Zealand gamers gambling online”.

Another major aspect of online pokies for New Zealand is that many games are now being adapted from television and movies.  This makes the graphics requirements even stricter.  It is not just graphics; animation and musical quality also must be state-of-the-art at all times.  So, when a software developer improves the big three—graphics, animation, and sound quality—the pokies developers have to incorporate the new technology immediately.

Pokies Bonuses

In the old days there were three reels, every game had the same symbols, and there were no extra games that players could win within the primary game.  Today, pokies are a world apart from that!

Every pokies game has a Wild Symbol.  The Wild has varied characteristics depending on the game.  The Wild could have a multiplier attached to wins that the Wild creates.  Cascading Wilds give many more winning chances as do stacked Wilds.  In many pokies, there is a large jackpot to be won when you get five Wilds in a winning payline.


Here’s another momentary digression to talk about paylines!  The older slots games had far fewer paylines than today.  Modern online pokies have many paylines.  There are pokies with so many paylines that they are called “ways to win”.  The five-reel pokies can have as many as 243 ways to win!

There are also pokies that add a sixth reel in the bonus rounds.  This sets the number of ways to win up to 1024!  One game developer has created a game with six reels and 4082 ways to win!

Players with limited bankrolls have to be aware that if a game has, say, 25 paylines, you have to have a bet on a payline to win.  Some players bet on all paylines but bet small amounts so that the pokies stay within their gambling budget.

Pokies Bonuses 2.0

Another symbol that has made itself very well-known is called the Scatter Symbol.  One characteristic of Scatters is that they usually pay in all positions.  This is very important; in a game with a Scatter Symbol, you will win many more spins because of this single rule.

Some real money pokies pay for just two Scatters even though they pay from three and up on all other symbols.

By far, the most important aspect of Scatters is that they usually send you to the bonus area when at least three Scatters come up.  The bonus area is where you can win huge sums of money.  We’re not talking million dollar jackpots; that’s a different topic altogether.  But thousands of dollars is a big win for most people and these wins are within striking distance in the bonus areas.  The bonus areas offer free spins with no deposit or wager.  Some bonus areas have high multipliers as well.

Other Casino Games

It’s one thing for an online casino to offer hundreds of pokies but gamers also love the many other games available online.  Top casinos have a wide range of table and video games.  There may be 50 or more varieties of blackjack and video poker.  The classic casino games are all well-represented at online casinos and many casinos offer many esoteric games that land-based casinos cannot offer because of space restrictions.  You see, at an online casino there is virtually no space restriction.  Not only do you never have to wait for a table or a space at the roulette wheel or craps table, but you can find literally almost any game you might wish to play!

Mobile Casinos

Many players who tried out mobile casinos when they were introduced about ten years ago were disappointed by the inferior graphics and small number of games.  That has all changed!  Mobile is a fast growing sector in online gambling in NZ and throughout the world.  This is because the number of games available has increased to over 100 at the best mobile casinos like All Slots NZ and modern graphics for mobile are amazingly clear.

A major benefit of mobile gaming is that mobile casinos are connected to PC casinos.  You have just one account at both the PC and the subsidiary mobile casino.  All the many benefits you can earn by gaming, from Loyalty Points to promotion credits to play through requirements apply to your single account.


The best casinos have many games, hundreds in fact.  They know that you would like to know as much as you can before you make bets on a game.  Many online casinos have in-depth tutorials for every game.  In any case, a good casino will have the basic rules on the game face itself, usually behind an icon.  So, click and become informed!

And until you feel confident enough to bet on a game, you can play in Practice Mode!

Apply Now and Begin a Wonderful Gambling Experience

The best online casinos in New Zealand have a world of gambling entertainment waiting at the click of your mouse.  Sign up now, collect your Welcome Bonuses, and start gaming!

More About Getting Started at NZ Online Casinos

New Zealand online casinos are ideal gambling venues for those of you who can’t make it to a real land-based casino. They are also the perfect alternative for those of you who simply prefer not to visit land based casinos. Over the past few years, more and more New Zealand friendly online casinos have become available and they are powered by the most famous online casino software providers in the world.

New Zealand online casinos can be accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, which means that you can gamble whenever you want and now thanks to mobile casinos, you can gamble from wherever you want. All you need is a stable internet connection and a reliable computer, plus you need to be over the age of 18.

You can now visit an online casino or mobile casino using a PC, Laptop or Mac Operating system, or you can use handheld devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, Nokia or any other modern handheld mobile/tablet device, so what are you waiting for?

Benefits of Playing at Microgaming Online Casinos

There are several great benefits for of playing at Microgaming casinos if you are based in New Zealand and one of the main benefits is that most Microgaming powered online casinos specifically cater for the basic needs of a New Zealand player. For example, you can play in your own currency and you can use popular New Zealand online casino payment methods to add funds to your account and also to withdraw your winnings.

You can also find the broadest range of games at any Microgaming powered casino because this software provider has developed more online casino games than any other online casino software provider in the world. Microgaming has been producing games since the mid-1990s, so they know what they are doing. They have even won numerous industry awards over the years for their impressive games and for their constant innovations.

The other main benefits for kiwi players is that when you visit any Microgaming powered casino, not only can you claim a guaranteed welcome bonus, but as a registered member you can claim plenty of other great bonuses and promotional offers throughout the year. Most on-going bonuses will only become available as soon as you have made your first ever deposit.

Playing in New Zealand Currency at Online Casinos

There would be no point in playing in an online casino in the real cash mode if you had to play in a currency other than New Zealand dollars. The good news is that EACH of the fully licensed online casinos which we have reviewed on this site ALL accept NZ$. When you land on the homepage of the casino, you should be able to see straight away that it accepts New Zealand dollars because the bonus values should all appear in NZ$.

However, if it’s not clear from the homepage, you should be able to find a tiny little button towards the top of the homepage and this will allow you to flick between available currencies. Also, when you attempt to make a deposit in the cashier, you will be prompted to select your preferred currency. Just remember to hit the NZ$ button.

Playing in New Zealand dollars if you are based in New Zealand should be the obvious choice. There will be no currency conversion fees and it’s easier to work out what you are actually spending. If you are having trouble finding out whether the casino accepts New Zealand dollars or not, the best thing to do would be to contact the customer support and they will be happy to help you.

Toll-Free Customer Support for New Zealand Players

The customer support at 99.9% of today’s top rated New Zealand online casinos is fantastic. The professionally trained support staff can be contacted via several different means and the most common methods of support include email support, live chat support and telephone support. Skype support is also now available at many Microgaming casinos.

The great thing about telephone support for New Zealand players is that this is generally a toll-free service. The language will automatically be in English, so you won’t have to worry about talking to a foreign-speaking-person who doesn’t understand what you are saying and the other plus-side is that you won’t run up any huge telephone bills when you call the customer support.

Should you need to contact the customer support at any microgaming casino today, picking up the phone and calling them is one of the most reliable methods and when calling from New Zealand on their toll-free number, the opening hours, if not 24 hours, will be suitable New Zealand hours (usual business working hours for example). All you need to do is click on the ‘Support’ button and this should bring up a list of appropriate telephone numbers which you can call.